Malaysia, Truly Asia

Malaysia has been one of the most consistent countries in Asia that has been drawing in a lot of tourists. In the recent years, tourism in Malaysia has been quite impressive. The country has made ways to promote their country with their official promotional slogan called “Malaysia, Truly Asia” It is known for being diverse, with towering sky scrapers and breath taking islands. It is also the melting pot of races and religions. Prominent races are Malays, Chinese and Indians and all of these ethnic groups live together in harmony.

The Singaporeans that travel to Malaysia on group tour has increased to 8% from the year 2000. The fact that it is very easy to get to since the two countries are right next to each other makes this possible but also because of the growing number of cheap deals. Tourism Malaysia director for Singapore, Zalizam Zakaria said statistics showed that people now preferred to travel in groups because they are all not familiar with certain places and therefore would be comfortable to go in groups. This is beneficial to travel agents, hotelier and the word of mouth from the experience would add on to more tourists visiting Malaysia.

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